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The Importance of Social Media in Marketing

The Importance of Social Media in Marketing

While traditional marketing has always held a firm place when it comes to reaching investors, the world we live in today is constantly pushing us towards innovative means and unorthodox creativity. In marketing, this out-of-the-box creativity is becoming more and more crucial than ever before. Because we live in a world that is orchestrated by technology, asset managers who want to do more than just survive must invest in the endless opportunities made possible by social media marketing.

Using LinkedIn For Your Firm

Two of the most significant social media platforms your firm should consider as part of their marketing strategy are LinkedIn and Twitter.  LinkedIn offers a strictly professional platform to its users. It allows both businesses and individuals to connect with each other in conversation and networking. With over 830 million LinkedIn members, the site showcases user posts and cultivates an environment that helps individuals looking to further their careers (LinkedIn Pressroom). LinkedIn also offers the opportunity to congratulate peers on their professional accomplishments. According to eMarketer’s Digital Trust Benchmark Report 2021, LinkedIn is seen as one of the most trustworthy social media outlets. This is extremely important for investment funds due to the highly regulated nature of their business. When managing other people’s money enters the equation, a sense of professionalism is necessary for achieving success and retaining customers. Another benefit of using LinkedIn is that “companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content” (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions). Engagement is the beginning of the pipeline and is necessary for a successful online presence. LinkedIn helps to foster much needed attraction and potentially allow for conversations to begin with interested investors. For firms looking to see results come from a reputable environment, LinkedIn is an excellent resource.

The Rising Popularity of Twitter

The use of Twitter has increased in popularity by investors who want to share ideas and perspectives. The ability to share thoughts on such a platform has created further opportunity to engage with potential investors. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter can provide a platform for more conversational interactions. For investment managers, this can be especially helpful in locating a more widespread clientele and expanding brand awareness. Because of its more conversational nature, marketing through Twitter can feel more personal to the audience receiving the message. According to TwitterBusiness, when brands get involved with [Twitter], they see an 18% increase in message association, an 8% increase in brand awareness, and a 7% increase in brand preference. Firms who use Twitter can take ownership of the content they produce for their audience and can begin to build a greater influence within their industry with proven results.

How Capital Velocity Group Can Help You

Social media, if used adequately, can be an extremely useful tool for financial firms. Active social media accounts can help firms to seem more credible and can help clients feel better connected to the firms that they work with. A firm with a strong presence on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn is not only beneficial in terms of marketing, but also beneficial in terms of customer relationship management. A casual presence and open dialogue amongst all social media platforms that a firm has in use is extremely crucial in creating loyalty amongst an audience. Connecting with clients on these services and creating resourceful content promotes a more personable feel for a business and a more transparent experience for the client. When a client is trusting a firm with money, they want to feel as though the relationship extends far beyond just a transaction. Capital Velocity Group can help you develop your content strategy for a meaningful social media presence. With a track record of success and years of experience, Capital Velocity Group understands the significance of social media in today’s world and what it can do to transform the face of your business and your brand.  Let us help you take the steps necessary to increase your firm’s social media presence and connect with your ideal investor today.






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