Services to propel your business growth

Proven marketing strategies, targeted rolodex creation and branding to catapult your growth!

Client and supplier celebrating over successful hedge fund marketing strategies.

Rolodex Creation

Customized to get results.

When you want big growth, you need a catalyst to get you there and a customized rolodex is a great place to start. A rolodex tailored to suit your business goals and laser- focused on the highest-quality and best-fit investment partners can be just the momentum you need. If you are seeking to grow your assets under your management, targeting the right clients will allow you to dial in your efforts to do more of what you do best! So, leave the stale lists behind and let’s curate you a powerful rolodex, designed to strategically connect you with the prospects you seek.



Digital & Traditional Marketing

Strategies to get you seen and selling.

Marketing, whether traditional or digital, works best when it is customized. There is no one size-fits-all approach. I offer tailored marketing strategies to identify your ideal client, shorten your sales cycle and increase engagement through your entire funnel. Traditional marketing savvy meets with cutting edge digital software and tools to provide you with a well-rounded marketing playbook to get you in front of long-term, high-quality investment partners.


A man providing hedge fund digital marketing and lead generation services at Capital Velocity Group.
Group of creatives at Capital Velocity Group working on a hedge fund's branding.


Be in control of your narrative to maximize sales and engagement.

 Let’s answer the all important questions: WHAT is your backstory, WHY are you doing this, WHAT is your purpose and WHAT solution do you bring that nails that pain point for your prospects?  You gotta let them know why you are the ONLY choice to get the results they seek, and your branding tells that story.


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